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Basic Information about the Greeting Card Industry

Market Stats in Relation To Greeting Cards

  • Every year Greeting Cards account for $9 Billion in annual retail sales and growing rapidly.
  • Nine out of every ten households buy greeting cards each year.
  • The average households buys 30 individual greeting cards yearly.
  • The Greeting Card Industry is without a doubt a Female Driven Market
  • Women account for 80 - 85 percent of all greeting card sales - Meaning that four out of five greeting card sales will likely be made by a woman.
  • Regardless of who the end recipient of the card is, women are the key greeting cards buyers.
  • Even male themed cards are more likely to be purchased by a woman.
  • Men generally buy cards specifically for special occasions for their partner and family.
  • Men however, far outpace women in the Direct Marketing of Greeting Cards
  • The main Greeting Card companies are Hallmark, American Greetings and Gibson Greetings


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