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Unbiased clarity is essential in the presentation of Spiritual concepts. Our book selection is definitly Western but, to anyone wanting to penetrate past the labelling it will immediately be recognized as universal in scope.

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God and His Four Elements

God; being the source of All is the "All in All" and also the Fifth Element; the Akasha - the Quintessence.

God; being the source of All is the "All in All" and also the Fifth Element; the Akasha - the Quintessence. One of the names of God, the one that is often used is Jehovah. Written in the ancient Hebrew it is spelled. IHVH. This is the original four letter word - the "Tetragrammaton." It literally stands for Fire, Air, Water, Earth - in that order. In the Bible believe it or not!!

Each Element has a positive and negative polarity. Not to be confused with good and evil - these, again, being purely religious concepts because, if God is truly the All in All, therefore all possible possibilities must exist within God - well, put it together. Each element is an actual workable substance born out of the original "God substance" - the Akasha out of which all things were created. (It took me 20 years to understand this concept. (I must be dumb. It is all around us and staring us in the face all that time!) The words may change from culture to culture or system to system of belief but, the principles always stay the same otherwise God is not Eternal. Within each Element there are entities that serve the purpose of the Element which you are probably familiar with by name. I wouldn't fool with them though.

The Elements exist on all levels, spiritual, astral and physical. In each level the principle stays the same but, the effect is different only in so far as the limitations of the substance they are sustaining and working with. Most people struggle with the Elements as they are working in their astral body ie the soul. The soul is the turf of our emotions and virtues - where the battle takes place and where you win your freedom or bondage and where you become a "Child of God." This is called in Christian terms - Salvation. Here the concept of God's Grace apply and where we exercise our greatest love and surrender it to God, our fellow man and ourselves - in that order - and are thereby perfected. This, in a nutshell, is the goal of Christianity although you would never believe it to see it in action. Yet, everything you see in a Catholic Church is based on the Elements but, the priest is almost certainly completely unaware of it. The cross (love, in place of the sword), the staff, the chalice, the money, the sensor, the incense, the priest garb (Old Testament) etc. There is a very good reason why it has survived for so long, unchanged.

The beauty of the Elements is that, whereas when people are trying to philosophically solve a puzzle their sophistry tries to use hundreds or even thousands of ingredients to solve it, the Elements offer only 4 plus the fifth - the Quintessence. The fewer the variables the easier the problem is to solve whether it has to do with the created physical world or the workings of your soul, or spirit.

This is the foundation of the Truth of things no matter what system of belief one chooses. Here there is also no possibility for argument.