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Unbiased clarity is essential in the presentation of Spiritual concepts. Our book selection is definitly Western but, to anyone wanting to penetrate past the labelling it will immediately be recognized as universal in scope.

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   Hermes Trismegistus
   Robert Fludd
   Lao Tse Tung
   Jakob Lorber

   Jakob Boehme
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   Gottfried Mayerhofer
   Johannes Helmond
   Dr. Georg Lomer

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The Christian Mysteries in Relation to Bible Study

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Christianity offers a living inner life.

When Christianity is lowered to the level of a religion it becomes dead. As a result people start to "jockey for position" arguing over the meaning of words rather than their intent - they fight wars in the name of God, they force others to believe as they do. They high-jack Christianity by making membership to a Christian sect a privilege, often charging fees to belong and excommunicating those who do not obey, they profiteer from the word of God and much more. They do these things because they themselves are dead in their own spirits and have no spiritual life at all other than through their strictly physical pretexts and appearances. The living faith and life that Jesus Christ preached about has no resemblance to these and countless other unchristian behaviors.

Christianity is to be actively lived minute by minute, every day rather than a few minutes only on Sunday and then not applied to life.

By definition to discuss Christian Mysticism one must become familiar with the Christian Mysteries. In order to fully understand the Bible one must not only comprehend the letter of the Biblical words but must also penetrate into the spirit of the words using the mysteries. On this page we would like to present a few topics, titles and authors that could contribute greatly to the furthering of Christian Bible study. They are views that hopefully may serve to broaden the presently accepted parameters of Bible Study. Without an understanding of the Mysteries there is no comprehension of Biblical Christianity only fanatical superstition.

Christian Bible study is predicated on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. How much more valuable and enriching  would having more details about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ be to a Christian engaged in bible study? See the Great Gospel of John by Jakob Lorber.

This information is not directly out of the Bible. It does however complete what is left in the Bible after nearly two millennia of deliberate editing. The New Revelation is the Christianity that Jesus taught His Apostles inclusive of the mysteries and the completion of the Bible. It does not replace the Bible! There are no religious movements that we know of that follow this revelation, which is very reassuring, only individuals who are searching have sought it out or were inspired towards it. We hope that it never evolve into yet another misguided Christian cult. The content itself should prevent this.

Second Coming of Jesus Christ
The Advent of Christ

Great Gospel of John
The Great Gospel of John

Christian Healing
The Lord's Book of Life and Health

Healing power of sunlight, Jakob Lorber
The Healing Power of Sunlight

Earth Moon jakob Lorber
The Earth & Moon

jesus christ in the temple, missing books of the bible, advent of christ, a twelve year old jesus christ in the temple, Jesus 
    teaching the sanhedrin
The Three Days in the Temple

Sermons of Jesus Christ, gottfried mayerhofer, new revelation
The Lord's Sermons

Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus
The Childhood Of Jesus

Saturn Jakob Lorber

Paracelsus - Franz Bardon - Gottfried Mayerhofer

It is extremely noteworthy that throughout history that those who in hindsight were lauded as being model Christians, or perhaps even genuine prophets had always been persecuted at the time they were delivering their message.

It is also equally interesting that those who were persecuting them considered themselves to be model Christians who were arguing over the letter of the Law rather than the Spirit of the Law. These persecutors were the Pharisees of their day. To these Paracelsus states, "do not be surprised, that those who proclaim that they are Christian, are against Christianity."

Jesus Christ Himself was persecuted by the very priesthood that saw itself as being the supreme authority of God on Earth. How many so called heretics have been persecuted by churches of the same mindset over the past 2000 years. That some of these people may have been genuine prophets sent by God to illuminate our Earthly darkness should not be discounted.

So why should it be any different today that if the words of God should be presented to the world that they would likewise not be recognized, accepted or even scoffed at by the learned because they would seem to upset the status quo as they have defined it. Leaders and false prophets become incensed by a true prophet because a prophet exposes them for who they are and what they do. Any truthful person is a mirror revealing who we really are to ourselves - how much more so a prophet. This is infuriating to those without humility.

Some topics that are closely related to Christianity are considered strictly taboo by Christian leaders who consider anything other than what they say to be evil.

Everyone has a personal responsibility to find the truth about God, Jesus Christ and Christianity. This is a personal endeavor. Some may be good teachers but ultimately the path is a solitary one that takes place within our heart, guided by our conscience. This means taking ourselves to task - not our fellow man.

We aught not forget that Christianity is a metaphysical belief system that provides the guidance and distinguishes Western culture and out of which the entire Western culture evolved. It is where the West found it's identity out of which came our culture, sciences, morality, music and much more.

In Bible Study the Old and New Testaments are studied exhaustively in an attempt to know who and what God, Jesus Christ and the prophets were and what their message is. How valuable would having more details about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ be to a Christian? In the Old Testament the Heavenly Father is constantly communicating with his people through prophets before the first coming of Jesus Christ. It would seem that life after the first coming of Jesus Christ is even more precious and worth living than before His coming - why then are there no prophets recognized by the Christian Churches in the past 2000 years other than the authority of church leaders. It would seem unreasonable that we would be forsaken by God for nearly 2000 years - that He would not make Himself known or His words expanded upon or further explained.

There have been many false saints and false prophets who have even started their own Christian sects but, (someone starting their own religion is always a false prophet. Not even Christ started Christianity - Christianity as a Law already existed - He came to fulfill the Law not to change it - because there were no Christian churches does not mean that the Spirit of Christianity did not exist - Christ as the son of God existed before being physically born) one would think that in the time leading up to the the second coming of Jesus Christ that there be a few more and clearer indications for preparation in addition to the Holy Bible. See the Gospel of John.

The Bible should be the standard by which all other inspired works are to be measured by. But, truly inspired works are not to be confused with mere apologetics - if a so called "prophet" or self styled inspired person uses a bibliography there should be some serious doubts.

Prophets usually become popular only after the fact. While they live the authorities hate and persecute them, after their death - the authorities embrace them and quote them.

Every one hundred years or so a genuine prophet appears to suite his times. They always make an historical impact but, their spiritual writings and their spiritual impact is often left in obscurity to be discovered by the few who genuinely seek the truth about God. There are a few relatively recent noteworthy authors who may very well fall into the category of "prophets." They are little known but their work is monumental, in complete adherence to the Bible, and is published and read for decades or hundreds of years after the fact because their content is eternal.
It should be remembered that the Bible has been in the keep of less than scrupulous organizations for millennia and even though much of it is preserved, there is reason to believe that quite a bit of it has likely been altered, edited or otherwise changed in spite of the warnings in last paragraph in Revelations. The Catholic Church and before it the Hebrew Church were among other things - corrupt power brokers. They held power and often controlled their position by controlling knowledge. To say that they would never have altered the holy scriptures to serve their needs is to be naive. With today's media we see very clearly that an official "press release" often has little to do with reality. In the past putting on a good face for the people was much the same. Even in religious circles, what could the word of God mean to those who at the upper echelons have historically neither respected human life much less the word of God.

This is not to be unduly harsh but if Christianity were to be, or could be convincingly perverted where else could it happen but within its earthly institutions.

Below we would like to present a few links of topics, titles and authors that could greatly expand Christian Bible study.
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