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The Principles of Higher Knowledge, Karl von Eckartshausen

How to Develop You Occult Powers by Karl Brandler-Pracht

A Textbook for the Development of Spiritual Powers

Develop Occult Powers, developing occult powers, karl brandler-pracht, hermetics, soul searching, soul developmentHow to Develop Your Occult Powers
by Karl Brandler-Pracht

288 pages - Softbound
Cost: $19.95

Develop Occult Powers, developing occult powers, karl brandler-pracht, hermetics, soul searching, soul development

Karl Brandler-Pracht, author of How to Develop Your Occult Powers, presents a comprehensive and detailed textbook in developing your occult knowledge, thus leading to an empowering of spiritual gifts and abilities to serve your fellowman. The spiritual insight gained in the exercises contained in the reading will empower the reader to fulfill his or her divine purpose, not only in gaining self-discipline, but also in allowing that discipline to radiate outwards to serve mankind.

The reader is led to soul-searching within himself through instructions that connect two great yogic systems, one which deals with the physiological part of a human being, while the other focuses on the psychic development. In this process, you will learn from the beginning stage of an apprentice, spiritual exercises that include the power of thoughts and their manifestation, the importance of breathing, and the use of magnetism. The reader then moves on to journeyman, which requires a higher ethical development, to learn the value of introspection and liberation through higher exercises to achieve a harmonious lifestyle.

In implementing these higher exercises, you will be taught the power of the Od, the Infinite subtle substance that each human body emanates, and how you can increase this vital energy to manifest with power in your spiritual abilities to serve others. In the journeyman's exercises, such topics that are addressed include telepathy, higher breathing techniques, idealistic monism (supremacy of one idea), dreams, clairvoyance and clairaudience, psychometry (history of an object), and the healing power of magnetism.

In the final development, the reader who has attained to the highest ethical level is given the last key, the tattvas, to understand and see all things through the "inner eye" and thus become a Master. As a Master, he has overcome the world, become one with the all-encompassing love, and lives only for a higher purpose - to use his powers solely for the wellbeing of his fellowman. With his feet, he stands on earth, but with his head, he rises into heaven. Now he is able to give to those in need the enlightenment which he himself received when he needed it. How to Develop Your Occult Powers is a unique process of spiritual development and exercises to enable the individual to attain the highest level of empowerment for himself and for the benefit of those around him.