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The Principles of Higher Knowledge, Karl von Eckartshausen

Magic: The Principles of Higher Knowledge by Karl von Eckartshausen

The Principles of Higher Knowledge, Karl von Eckartshausen
The Principles of Higher Knowledge

by Karl von Eckartshausen
316 Pages - Cost: $17.95

The Principles of Higher Knowledge, Karl von Eckartshausen
The Principles of Higher Knowledge by Karl von Eckartshausen is a book of principles. Each chapter carefully defines and describes a principle. These very compete definitions of a principle can be used for everything from healing to fiber optics. These principles are absolute and do not change with time. However, being in principle form, this information requires you to grasp the principle and apply it. When you do you will realize that these God established rules of existence are all around you all the time, we just do not pay attention to them. Yet, existence itself is governed by them.

The Principles of Higher Knowledge contains more useable information per page than you will find in nearly any other book. Just look at the table of contents below. If you can find any other book for $17.95 that contains even a fraction of this information we suggest you buy it.
Karl von Eckartshausen, Magic The Principles of Higher Knowledge
  1. First Principle
  2. The Hidden Secrets Of Nature And How You Can Find Them
  3. The Obsession Of Human Beings For The Supernatural
  4. The Obstacles On The Path Which Lead To Nature's Secrets
  5. A Small, Little Light For Those Who Try To Find Nature's Secrets On A Path Which Is In Total Darkness
  6. This Chapter Is Necessary To Answer All Previous Questions
  7. Contributions To Solve One Of The Great Puzzles In Nature
  8. We Have No Conception Of Anything Which Lies Outside Our Circle Of Perception
  9. To Search For Yourself Or To Be Lead; Are Two Totally Different Things
  10. A Language without Words
  11. Obscure Feelings: The Reality And The Imagination
  12. The Hierarchy Of Beings And Their Connection And Relationship To The Spirit World
  13. The Power Of The Imagination
  14. The Soul
  15. Immortality
  16. The Relationship Of Human Beings With The World Of Spirits
  17. Indispensable Hypothesis In Magic Regarding Ideas
  18. Visions and Premonitions
  19. Visions Caused Through The Deception Of Our Senses
  20. Foresight Or Forecast; Prophecy Or Prediction
  21. Sleep and Slumber -The Condition Of The Sleepwalker And The Hysteric
  22. Preconditions Which Are Essential To Explain Somnambulism
  23. The Origin Of Ailments
  24. Basic Knowledge Of Magnetism And Electricity
  25. Experiments With The Electric Harmonious Condition
  26. Animal Magnetism
  27. I And You
  28. Soul -Physiognomy
  29. The Theory Of Wisdom And The Science Of All Thing
  30. The Art Of Restoring Youth
  31. The Divining Rod
  32. Opinion On The Divining Rod Or Rhabdomancy
  33. The Language Of Animals
  34. The Effectiveness Of Herbs On The Different Ailments And Their Relationship To The Planets
  35. About Words, Herbs And Stones
  36. The Numbers
  37. Necessary Pre-Requisites For Magic Calculation.
  38. The Temple Of Health And The Bed Of Blissfulness Of Dr. Graham.
  39. Theory Of Visionary Music Or Music Of The Eye
  40. Sight
  41. Smell.
  42. The Theory Of Feelings.
  43. To The Seekers
  44. About Passions And The Necessity Of The Study Of The Knowledge Of Human Nature For Those Who Want To Progress In The Discovery Of Philosophy
  45. Psychological Secrets Or The Science Of The Sibyllisus
  46. Special Feelings And Perceptions
  47. The Theory Of Pleasant Perceptions
  48. Music And The Power Harmony Exerts Upon The Soul
  49. The Angel Of Light -The Angel Of Darkness
  50. Prestidigitators And Illusionists, Swindlers, Tricksters, Impostors And Evil Human Beings
  51. Magic
  52. A Guide To A Better Understanding Of The Authors Of Old On The Subject Of Magic
  1. Nourishment For The Spirit And Light For The Soul
  2. The Glow Worm - A Necessary Tale For The Seeker
  3. Seekers And Finders; Fishers And Tempters
  4. The Braggarts
  5. The Path To The Temple Of Secrets
  6. True Magic
  7. Secrets Of True Magic
  8. God
  9. The Human Being
  10. Light And Warmth
  11. Reality And Imagination
  12. A Treatise Regarding The Human Body-Somatology:
  13. A Treatise Regarding The Human Body-Somatology
  14. Exaltation And Enhancement Of The Spirit
  15. Death
PART TWO (Continued)
  1. Existence And Reunion
  2. Existence And The Shape Of Things
  3. The Refinement Of The Senses
  4. The Inner Sense
  5. The Life Of The Soul
  6. Punishment And Reward
  7. Being Blissful And Suffering
  8. Revelation
  9. Physical Life And Spirit Life.
  10. Soul Formation
  11. Appearances
  12. The Power Of The Imagination - Picture Creation And True Appearances
  13. The Appearances Of Spirits
  14. Appearances Which Are Being Produced Through The Pictures Of The Powers Of The Imagination Because The Imagination Has The Ability To ProduceAPictureExterna1ly
  15. The Sphere Of Operation Of The Senses
  16. The Mode Of Action Of The Powers Of The Imagination
  17. True Appearances
  18. The Higher State Of The Soul
  19. Advancement Of The Soul
  20. The Forces Of Assimilation
  21. The World
  22. Truth And The Illusion Of The Senses
  23. The Will
  24. The Miracle Powers Of Nature
  25. There Is One All And This All Is Whole
  26. Everything Which Is In This All Belongs Out Of Necessity And It Is In Contact With The Whole.
  27. Everything Is One: Things Only Differ In Their Manner, And Through This They Vary From Each Other
  28. Human Beings Act; They Were Not Always The Way They Are -They Can Be Changed
  29. There Are Things Which Are Reality Besides Human Beings
  30. Things, Objects, Which Are Outside Of Human Beings Can Have An Effect On Human Beings
  31. Things Which Are Outside Of Myself Are The Ones And I Am The One, Whereby Changes Are Brought Forth
  32. I Am Different When Things Bring Forth Different Effects In Me
  33. Things Which Are Outside Of Myself, Even Though They Affect Me Only Organically, Are Something, Because Everything Is Something. Nothing Exists Which Is Not Something, Even An Idea Is Something - An Impression, A Picture
  34. Powers And Forms
  35. Influence
  36. Unraveling The Puzzle Of Some Magic Secrets
  37. Principles To Kabbalistic Calculation
  38. The Work And Deeds Of Human Beings
  39. The Word Of The Deity In Nature
  40. The Condition Of Separation From The Unity
  41. The Voice Out Of The Clouds
  42. The Alphabets To The Secrets
  43. Signs Of Nature
  44. Time
  45. The Symbol Of Progression
  46. The Laws Of Progressions And The Laws Of The Numbers Of The Sensuous Things
  47. The Elements Are The Organs Of The Upper Powers
  48. The Law Of Perfection Of Nature
  49. Reaction Or Counter - Effect
  50. The Miraculous Works Of Nature In Hieroglyphics
  51. The Secrets Of Natural Magic Or Anthroposophy
  52. Prerequisites To The Theory Of Sympathy
  53. Sympathy And Antipathy
  54. Epilogue To Sympathy
  55. The Art Of Bringing Into Motion The Inner Spirit
  56. Additional Rules
  57. Observations Regarding Magnetism
  58. Rules
  59. A Necessary Consideration Of The Former
  60. The Numbers Of Nature
  61. News Of The Voyage To The Truth
  62. The Seekers Of Truth
  63. Inscription At The Entrance To The Temple Of Wisdom
  64. The Staircase For Human Beings To Knowledge And Wisdom
  65. Principal Recollections In Regards To The Whole
  66. Zozimus: To His Students
    As To The Conclusion Of This Book
    A Chapter That Should Be Read Three Times