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Merkur Publishing: Exploring The Western Spiritual Heritage

Merkur Publishing, Franz Bardon, Jakob Lorber, Hermetics, Kabbalah, Evocation

Merkur Publishing: Dedicated to restoring the "Wisdom of the Occident"

Merkur Publishing is dedicated perhaps more than any other publishing company to the restoring of the "Wisdom of the Occident." This labor of love is now decades old and is showing itself in several translated literary works of philosophy that is at the heart of the Western Spiritual tradition. The fact that the Western Tradition is decidedly Christian does not mean that the same universal mysticism seen around the world is absent in the West. Quite the contrary mysticism has been alive in the West and has been an integral part of Western thought and culture for thousands of years. Having said this it should be noted that people in general are confused about what constitutes Occidental mysticism. Whereas in other parts of the world mysticism is more out in the open, in the West it become more and more hidden from everyday everyday life, culture and, believe it or not, technology. In our modern and troubled times Merkur seeks to bring Western Mysticism back to the West through the translation of valuable texts. What is the most noteworthy to the Western person is that Western Mysticism is very relevant, quite beautiful and contrary to the belief of many also very much Christian. This latter fact will likely be the catalyst that will bring Christianity to the world anew with a renewed vigor and vitality which the present day waning Christianity is lacking. Seven Hermetic Letters Dr. Georg Lomer, hermetics

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"We are lead to Knowledge through our Belief - Knowledge applied with Love Gradually becomes Wisdom."