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How to Use the Astrological Calculator

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalahThe Astrological Calculator
Cost: $12.95

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah
The Astrological Calculator will calculate who the Angelic Beings Present at the time of Your Birth Are. The proceedure for this calculation is on this page.
First: You will need to find out who they are; then, you need to find out what they are expert in.
Whatever they are expert in will be your natural aptitudes or gifts in life.

Below you will find an explanation of the components of the Astrological Calculator followed by how to use them.

Remembering that a Kabbalistic Natal Horoscope is tied to the time of birth relative to the time of sun rise, rather than the position of the planetary bodies at the time of birth will more clearly differentiate between a regular mantic natal horoscope from a Kabbalistic natal horoscope.

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah

In order to make this very valuable information useful to the user two vital pieces of information are required to complete the simple calculation. The user will need:

a) The exact time of sunrise on the date of birth and

b) the exact time of birth. These are to be in actual time not day light savings time. There is a link lower on this page that will take you to a site where you can accurately calculate the time of sunrise on the date of your birth click here.

Referring to the diagram above and your own Astrological Calculator, simply follow the steps below:

Step One:  Align the time of sunrise to the Sunrise Point with the first entity of every sphere. Since all the planetary dials are stationary you only have to move the outer twenty-four hour clock dial.

Step Two:  Move the indicator to the exact time of birth. Then read along the line on the indicator the numbers of the entities in each respective planetary sphere and record the numbers of each entity.

Step Three:  Having obtained this information, you now look up the names of the entities. They are listed under the appropriate planet on the fold out charts.

Step Four:  Look up in Franz Bardon’s book The Practice of Magical Evocation the entities you have obtained from the Astrological Dial and the foldout charts. Here you will find detailed descriptions of these entities, and these descriptions make up your Kabbalistic Natal Horoscope for that or any other person.

Should it happen that you are on the cusp then you must decide which one is the most appropriate in every case or it can also happen that both apply.

You will find that making use of the Astrological Calculator is very easy, fast, and absolutely accurate.

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalahThe Practice of Magical Evocation

Volume II of The Holy Mysteries
by Franz Bardon
Cost: $44.95 - 540 Pages hardbound
The Complete Second Tarot Card

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah
This book: The Practice of Magical Evocation is necessary in the calculation of a Kabbalistic Horoscope and is used together with The Astrological Calculator. This book is perhaps the only complete Explanation and Practical Application of the entire Second Tarot Card for our modern times as well as the entities related to Kabbalistic Astrology..

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah
Should you have any further questions please e-mail us. Sometimes people have perspectives and questions that we might not have considered and your feed back helps us to better serve you. 

The Link below will connect you with a site that will help you calculate your time of sunrise.

Should you need to find the longitude and latitude of your place of birth to calculate sunrise the Link below will take you to a web page that will assist you.

Kabbalistic astrology, kabbalistic natal horoscope, kabbalah