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This page is dedicated to answering questions we often get about the Astrological Calculator and misconceptions of Kabbalistic Astrology.

: Hello Amalux,
I have completed reading my books and have just opened the Astrological Calculator. I notice that the signs are all set around the calculator in reverse order, meaning backwards. So, it appears that this item was printed incorrectly, meaning defective. And, it is not at all an easy reference to the standards of charting. So, please contact me.

My Regards,

A: Hello T,
Please call as soon as you can to clarify this matter. You can call us toll free during regular business hours (9-6). We are in Utah so we are in Mountain Time. Our toll free number is 866-402-4052.


Q: Hello Amalux,
My thanks for your reply. I am hearing impaired and on the road throughout all the holidays, so calling is difficult for me without creating problems of hearing. So, please send your reply via email and please identify who I am having this discussion with.


A: Hello T,
I will do what I can via email. First of all is the writing which is on the wheels of the Calculator written backwards as well? Because, if the writing is written legibly and from left to right, the signs of the zodiac should also be in the correct sequence.

Please, let me know.

Q. Hello Amalux,
Thank you for your reply.
All the writing of numbers and words move from left to right sequentially around the calculator. This part appears to be ok. It is the zodiac symbols themselves that are backwards. Rather then being placed correctly around the sphere, the order is reversed. So, if I align this with the house systems and natal charts which all go in the usual direction, it is clear that your calculator goes in the opposite direction.

Below is a chart for right now to explain the problem. Start by holding your calculator in my hand with the "Read Along This Line" at 12 PM and the Sunrise Point at 12 AM. Next rotate the whole calculator about 45 degrees counterclockwise to align with the below chart, so that your calculators Scorpio and the charts Scorpio are aligned. Note on the included chart the correct pattern of signs clockwise around the wheel. In the below wheel the third house includes Libra, which is into the second house with Virgo. Continuing next is Leo, the Ascendant of this chart and then Cancer.

But, in your chart, the order of these is all reversed, which is the opposite of the wheel. On your calculator starting at the same Scorpio, and moving clockwise to read your calculator, it then goes to Sagittarius instead of Libra, and then Capricorn and Aquarius. It is contrary to all the 24 hour clock face, astrolabes, zodiac rings and the like I have ever seen, because the zodiac is reversed. This creates a major issue is correlating the calculator with any other data, as it is constantly reversed.

So, hopefully, I have explained this well and you now see the problem.


A: Hello T,
Even though it is set up as an astrolabe, the Astrological Calculator is not based on mantic astronomical astrology, which is what most people are accustomed to. It only appears in reverse order compared to what you are familiar with. The placement of the physical stars is not pertinent to Kabbalistic Astrology; the premise being entirely different. In what is considered mantic or regular astrology the placement of stars is crucial, in Kabbalah the energies of the stellar and planetary bodies are not what produces the influence. This may explain the differences you did not expect.

Kabbalah, having a spiritual/astral premise, deals with actual entities positioned around the Earth in an exact and predictable order. In this study the Earth is the center of a 360-degree protractor oriented through the equator, which has its zero degree, or starting point at sunrise. Every degree or every four minutes is inhabited by a specific entity analogous to a specific sphere in an unchanging Kabbalistic order, i.e.; Moon (9), Mercury (8), Venus (7), Sun (6), Mars (5), Jupiter (4), Saturn (3). These are not planets, they are planetary spheres, worlds within worlds. The purpose of the beings of each of these spheres is to maintain, guide and give order to existence. Please note that the sphere of Mars and Saturn are not part of the calculator; we deliberately left them out. The reason being; that even the positive entities that inhabit these spheres are not for the immature to deal with.

Having said this please do not get the impression that this is some strange ritualistic practice. The fact that planets spin in their orbits, the origin of the uncountable species (this is somewhat affected by the light and reflected light from the stars and planets), plants grow in their place and season, animals multiply in a given order and season, bodily functions and natural cycles are maintained in plants and animals without them consciously concerning themselves about it, professions and arts exist for people to be inspired into occupying, and so on has to do with an unseen hierarchical angelic order; an orderly, deliberately guiding hierarchy of intelligences. Kabbalistic astrology presents that order, and the sphere of activity of these beings who actually but cold bloodedly serve us positively and negatively. This is outside of the scope and is not explained by mantic astrology. It can be said that whereas the stars build the houses, they cannot determine what or who occupies them; that is determined more by the spiritual/astral influences.

Some will say that this order is the old mistaken, Earth centric Ptolemaic system of planetary placement. This of course is false. This "older" system was never intended to explain the planetary positions at all. Instead, it depicts the concentric Kabbalistic spheres of activity that surrounds and influences the Earth and is analogous to our planetary system in names only. Kabbalistic astrology and mantic astrology are analogous to each other but serve entirely different purposes. Kabbalistic astrology sets the order and therefore precedes the mantic astrology and has given its names to it. These systems of actual 1) astral order and 2) planetary influence have been in place since the very beginning of our planetary system and are calculated differently. This is why they appear in a different order from what you may be familiar with.

To better understand this the Franz Bardon books are necessary, especially the Practice of Magical Evocation. I hope this helps. If you have any further questions we are always happy to help.