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Healing Power of Sunlight, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus Christ

The Healing Power of Sunlight

Healing Power of Sunlight, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus Christ
The Healing
Power of Sunlight

Jakob Lorber
60 Pages - Soft Bound

Cost: $14.95

Healing Power of Sunlight, Jakob Lorber, New Revelation, Homeopathy, Healing through Jesus Christ

Notes to the Reader

An excerpt out of The Healing Power of Sunlight.

1. Lorber received this information through the Inner Word directly from God; therefore the person speaking here is the Greatest Physician in the Universe, the Creator Himself.

2. The principle of light and darkness prevails everywhere and can therefore be applied everywhere. In this particular case we apply it to our health. The cells of a healthy person’s physical body are filled with light and the cells of an ailing person’s body are filled with darkness. In our everyday language we call the one who is filled with light “healthy” and the one who is filled with darkness “sick.” This principle also applies to our level of intelligence; a smart person is called “bright” and an inarticulate or slow person is called “stupid,” “dull,” “ignorant” or “in the dark.” Hence light is fleeting and darkness is slow. When something becomes slow, it becomes stale and ultimately decays.

But since illness is more profitable than health, and since profiteering is an evil deed, man loves darkness rather than light. Therefore the dark remedies, those without light, cause more darkness, more disease; but remedies which contain light fill the dark cells and bring the dark or ailing body back to health. Since the basis for all life is light and the basis of death is darkness, how can something dark and dead cure something which requires light and life? How can darkness spread light? The light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Heliopathic remedies — which store the sun’s light — contain the greatest curative powers of any remedy. In this book, Jakob Lorber gives the reader step by step instructions of how to prepare the sun remedies inexpensively. The nature of the material however requires several readings before one can fully understand its entire scope. Some will readily realize the value of the information in this book after only the second reading and will comprehend what these remedies can do for his or her physical and spiritual well being. But in order to harvest any results, both diets mentioned herein, the physical and the spiritual, have to be strictly adhered to. The remedies in The Healing Power of Sunlight will be the remedies of the future for those who strive for the light, instead of wandering aimlessly in sickness and in darkness. May God guide you in your endeavors.

Do not be mislead by the simplicity of the preparations and do not let this prevent you from making use of these remedies. Remember: the secret of every success always lies in its simplicity. Simplicity is a product of light, love and life. Complexity is a product of darkness, hate and death.

Since the three major sun remedies (the sun pellets, sea salt and sulfur salt) are universal in their nature, they apply to a fairly broad spectrum of ailments, whereas the other sun remedies are more specific, yet they can also be applied in a broader sense. Considerably less knowledge is required to properly make use of the sun remedies than any other remedy. Not only are these remedies for the ailing, but they can also be used by the healthy as a preventive measure.

It is very important that all sun remedies be preserved in dark purple or cobalt blue glass, otherwise they will be ineffective.