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The Childhood of Jesus Christ by Jakob Lorber

Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus, New Revelation
The Childhood of Jesus Christ
Jakob Lorber
Softbound 402 pages
Cost: $19.95

Jakob Lorber, Childhood of Jesus, New Revelation
This is a truly beautiful and charming work to read.

The Childhood of Jesus takes us from the birth of Christ up to His adolescence.

It should not come as a surprise that Christ had a very playful side, always creating amusing games that He and His friends could play. But, as should also be expected, He also had a very serious side that showed itself in the blessing of others and the working of miracles.

He was constantly being reprimanded by His Earthly mother Mary and Joseph and, although obedient, He often corrected their observations explaining His actions with respect to His universal laws.

This book was originally known as the Gospel of Joseph (Joseph was the biological son of Joseph; Christ's Earthly father.) which by the time of the compilation of the Bible was so fragmented and even considered detrimental to Christianity as a whole that it was left out. This action was taken because Christ, even as a child, was very active spiritually. At times he would reprimand children and even elders. Although, in absolute terms these are not grounds for it's omission at that time, we are very happy to have the complete Gospel of Joseph available through Jakob Lorber entitled The Childhood of Jesus Christ.

We love it, and hope you will too!

The Childhood of Jesus Christ

  • Forward
    • The Spirit of Christ
    • Jakob Lorber
    • Robert Ernst
    • The Hebrew Language
    • The Inner Word
  • The Lord's Forward
  • Book One: THE NATIVITY
    • The Divine Sign in the Temple Brings Mary into Joseph's House
    • Mary becomes Joseph's Wife
    • The Birth of Jesus in the Cave
    • The Wise Men of the East
    • The Flight to Egypt
    • The Holy Family in Ostricine
    • The State Visit of Cyrenius
    • The Destruction of the Pagan Temples
    • Inspired Teachings in Joseph's House
    • Cyrenius and Tullia
    • Joseph's House Receives Mysterious Visitors
    • The New Holy of Holies at the Citadel of Cyrenius
    • A Time of Quiet Descends on Joseph's House
    • Christophorus Comes into Joseph's House
    • Cyrenius Returns to Win A Great Victory
    • The Exalted Wisdom of the Christ Child
    • The Child's Divine Nature Becomes Veiled
    • The Deputation from Ostracine
    • The Departure of Cyrenius
    • Memorable Events with the Holy Family During the Final Months in Egypt
    • The Return to the Land of Israel
    • The Miracles of the Boy Jesus in Nazareth
  • The Boy Jesus in the Temple
  • The Empire of The Eternal
The Childhood of Jesus is the Gospel of James, a missing book of the Bible, which was given to Jakob Lorber by the Lord to record again. The Lord announced the new revelation of the Gospel of James to Jakob Lorber in advance on July 22, 1843 and He added the following: "James the son of Joseph recorded everything that occurred. But in time these writings became so distorted, that it cannot be permitted to include them as a genuine part of the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, I shall give you the genuine Gospel of James. However, I shall begin at the time when Joseph took Mary into his household. Whereas in the original writings of James, he recorded Mary's life from birth as well as Joseph's life from birth." And then, this chosen intermediary (Jakob Lorber) received through the voice of the Spirit in his heart a comprehensive, wonderful description of Jesus' birth and childhood. It was of such intimate exalted beauty and might, that not one heart can deny the divine source and truth of these precious writings. In front of our eyes unfolds the coming into being and the development of the child Jesus under the care of Mary in the house of His foster father Joseph, their flight to Egypt and then being home again in Nazareth.

We experience the first wonderful activities by the Christ child and the acknowledgment of the Spirit of God within the child. We also receive with joyous astonishment unexpected insights into the holy secrets of Jesus, the person. It becomes for us a blissful grace to recognize in the "Son" the "Father" and to find united in Jesus "the Father,  Son and Holy Ghost."

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