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The Three Days in the Temple by Jakob Lorber

jesus christ in the temple, missing books of the bible, advent of christ, a twelve year old jesus christ in the temple, 
        Jesus teaching the sanhedrin
The Three Days
in the Temple

Jakob Lorber
Softbound  124 pages
Cost: $9.95

jesus christ in the temple, missing books of the bible, advent of christ, a twelve year old 
        jesus christ in the temple, Jesus teaching the sanhedrin
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          the hereafter, prophet, understanding revelation, unknown prophet Jakob LorberThis is another truly beautiful and charming work to read.

The Three Days in the Temple offers what took place within the Temple when Christ was being initiated into the Jewish rites as a boy. This was the custom at that time and is similar to the Catholic Communion or Confirmation. All the young boys were asked questions pertaining to the Jewish Canon. Of course, when it came to Christ, the nonsensical questions were being questioned which annoyed the priesthood to no end. At first they threatened the boy Jesus but, under the protection of a noble Roman Judge Jesus spoke openly and freely to the embarrassment of the whole Sanhedrin but to the glorification of God.

The Three Days in the Temple is a wonderful testimony of the goings on within the temple that reveals again that Jesus is indeed the Messiah. Also, if you ever wanted to know how Christ even as a child unnerved the priesthood of His day and why the day of reckoning was inevitable.

The Three Days in the Temple

  • Forward
    • Preface
    • Co-Translators Notes
  • The custom of examining children
  • The intellect of the Boy Jesus
  • The Boy Jesus asks a question of the scribe
  • The Boy Jesus requests that His question be answered
  • Speech of the head of the synagogue
    • A proud old Pharisee makes an unsuccessful attempt to interrupt the proceedings
  • The young Levite expresses his approval
    • The chief priest is contemptuous of Jesus
  • Jesus answers the high priest
  • Jesus is threatened by the high priest and a Roman judge stands by Jesus
  • Jesus makes a promise to the Roman judge
    • Jesus uses the catechism to answer the high priests questions
  • Unsuccessful attempt of a scribe and an elder to justify the high priest
    • Postponement of the session until the next day
  • Night conference of the temple officials
  • Unsuccessful attempt of the temple officials to close the examining session on the second day
  • Continuation of the session
  • Testimony of the boy Jesus about Himself being the real Messiah
  • Objections raised against the Messiahship of the Boy Jesus
  • A Mocking question from Barnabas and a counter question from the lord leading to the embarrassment of Barnabas and his apology
  • The Boy Jesus Works miracles and words on the coming Kingdom of God
  • Barnabas' embarrassment as Christ reveals His omniscience
  • Explanation of two words and the Holy Scripture as Gods Word
  • Second night at the inn
  • Beginning of the third day of Jesus examination
  • Joram attempts to break off discussion and chief priest's objections; the Boy Jesus refutes them both
  • The Roman judge's acknowledgement to the Boy Jesus
  • The Roman judge explains Isaiah
  • Joram's speech in answer to the Roman judge about the Being of God
  • Caustic speech of the Boy Jesus to the hypocritical temple officials
  • The angry answer of the chief priest
  • Joram acknowledges the Boy Jesus as the Messiah and asks His advice
  • Evidence of the Boy Jesus that the temple and the whole country are beyond cleansing and rescue
    • The new Ark of the Covenant
  • The teasing question of the chief priest
  • Question by Nicodemus about the poles of the Earth
  • The speech by the Roman Judge closing the session and acknowledging Jesus
  • Arrival of Joseph and Mary they question Jesus, He replies.
    • Friendly conversation with the Roman and Nicodemus
    • The return to Nazareth
  • Jakob Lorber's Epilogue
Although all Christians know that Jesus as a boy "taught" in the temple, very little is know about the extent of what He actually said while He was there. The Three Days in the Temple is a wonderful testimony of the goings on within the temple that reveals again that Jesus is indeed the Messiah.

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