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The New Revelation: is basically the main parts of Biblical script openly revealed and explained from the mouth of God Himself through His scribe Jakob Lorber.

The New Revelation is for the Whole World - Denomination free; for Christian and Non-Christian alike bringing Christianity to a much higher level!

It is extremely difficult to present something like the New Revelation without a person becoming suspicious of its genuineness; and rightfully so! When it comes to Christianity the world has seen its fanatics and lunatics that although they have expounded and still expound Christianity, they almost always completely misrepresent it. Christianity is and has been often shamelessly used to directly further political ends or to directly profit monetarily from. It is a miracle that Christianity has survived at all given the atrocities that have been committed in the name of what is otherwise a religion of absolute and purest love.

There is no need to have to convert anyone as this is a futile endeavour. If someone should chose Christianity as their way of life, the impetus to pursue it should come from a need in their heart and out of love for God rather than because someone has sold them on a better or "new improved plan" for salvation. This would be like marrying for anything other than love.

Ones belief should come out of their love rather than advantage. Someone who becomes blindly zealous in their belief through what amounts to a "sales pitch" conversion will likely convert others to their belief for the wrong reason. This mindlessness is not Christian. For this reason the Bible states:

"Woe unto you , scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." Matt 23:15

Leading by example without coercion is a different story. The biggest problem amongst religions in general and Christianity in particular is hypocrisy. Christianity itself is perfectly and absolutely beautiful, no matter how one looks at it. The divisions come in when
1) one wants to impose their will on another because of their presumed superiority or,
2) when one, based on the presumption of their own superiority because of their belief, presumes all others to be beneath them. Or,
3) on the premise of being Christian (in word only) all actions and words that follow and proceed from them are to be deemed perfectly sound - even holy and must be regarded as such - or else. These classic, historic and all too common loveless behaviors often perpetrated by Christians are not Christian.

Where there is no humility, there can be no love and where there is no love, there can be no Christianity. It should also be mentioned that humility and love are not the sole domain of Christians and Christianity is not and can never be a political movement; it is a state of being and a way of life predicated on first, the love of God and second, the love of neighbor which, when practiced, foster humility. This also means not coercing people into our belief.

Given the present, less than perfect, state of human beings, it can safely be said that only God is truly good and only God is truly just! Whether one is looking into the New Revelation for purely informational reasons or to satisfy your hearts search for peace it is good to know that in spite of our less than perfect perceptions and existence, it is the feelings in our heart that guide us through our sometimes cloudy existence. Following our hearts towards Divinity will always be considered a noble pursuit. At present anyone who sincerely does is considered a fool by the world - even by other Christians.

The New Revelation will not disappoint anyone who is looking for Christianity for the sake of Christianity and for the purpose of living a Christian life. In the New Revelation by Jakob Lorber the reader will find the New Testament and some of the books that had been distorted or omitted from the Bible in their greatest possible depth and fullness. They depict what goes on the spirit world, what was meant in the various parables that Christ used to lay out high spiritual concepts, the day to day activity of Christ an the Apostles during their three year ministry, the very amicable interaction between Christ and the prominent Romans of the day, explanation of life in the beyond, the actual consequences of sin, the progression of a human being in the beyond in our existence as a spirit and in our soul, the formation of life, why there are so many varied forms of life, the inconceivable and incomprehensible vastness of physical creation and why it was created, the unimaginable mercy and love of God, and much, much more; all presented within and adhering to our already familiar Biblical context. Scholars will debate authenticity, but scholars are not prophets, so it is best to leave the bickering of scholars to scholars.

Having said this the enormously great value of the Holy Bible is in no way called into question and nor should it be. In fact, the Bible and the New Revelation writings can and should be used as comparative tools especially by skeptics as they completely validate each other. This effort does not require scholastic prowess. Anyone with a good heart will clearly understand the parallels and the deeper meaning intended by the Bible but openly revealed with clarity in the New Revelation appropriate to our times.

As the world tires of the empty Christianity that is being presented to it, many, around the world, have started to search on their own to find the Spiritual fullness that is the promise of Christianity. Many have come to the New Revelation in their search to further their Christian development on their journey towards Christianity and the Creator.

The New Revelation offers no churches, no priests, no tithing, and no hypocrisy! Spiritual growth, being a personal endeavor, is only possible through ones own efforts and the New Revelation offers this in a universal and Christian structure. Christianity as Christ taught it, is a way of life that gives life and does not take it from others nor does it impede or obligate others. Thankfully, The New Revelation is not the beginning of yet another Christian Sect!

From the Fall of Lucifer, through Genesis to the end of the Gospel of John; The New Revelation is basically everything that was once part of the Holy Scriptures; Old and New Testament, but that in time was either forgotten, removed, edited out, or the Heavenly Father did not permit to be revealed until just before the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Healthy Skepticism in Matters of the Spirit is a Good Thing!

It should be obvious to any thinking person who watches the news telecasts that it is quite easy to distort any story to suite anyone or their political purposes or their sponsor. "wartime propaganda is a historical and known fact." By simply saying that we have a "free" press, does not mean that what is being printed or said is truthful and to blindly believe anything in today's world without examining it thoroughly is to be naive in the extreme.

If deception is so easy with mundane things which can be plainly seen or witnessed how much easier is it to misrepresent things spiritual where one's only proof lays in their belief or through a twisted interpretation of scriptures. Just like in a news story the event is real but the interpretation might not be. The only way to actually know the truth for ourselves is to have witnessed the actual event. If we take the scriptures as the "actual event" then why do so many allow others to do the interpreting for them? Just like an actual event, the scriptures are not being called into question; it is the those who interpret who should be. If motives are sincere the interpretation will likely be truthful, but if the motive is selfish so will the interpretation. Even though spiritual matters are very real to the majority a healthy skepticism in how they are presented is prudent and even wise.

Organized religious movements are rarely what they seem. Somewhere, someone is usually making a lot of money and retiring young and wealthy. If a conversion comes from within, without coercion it is worthy of respect. But, if someone should convert to another version of the same faith based on a better deal on salvation they are made worse by it.  "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves." Matt. 23:15

Turning towards God or Jesus Christ should be the result of love for God or Jesus Christ - without any coercion or perceived advantage.

The only reason to be Christian is for the sake of Love towards the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and ones fellow man. Salvation comes through this attitude. Without love no one can claim to be Christian.

The validity of the New Revelation must be decided by every individual entirely on their own and is part of asking, seeking and knocking.

Regarding the very important concept of "Salvation" that is so much talked about; it should be pointed out that the work of Jakob Lorber does not belabor the fact of the suffering of Christ as much as it details the all important mechanics of why the crucifixion itself happened and why it was absolutely necessary for our salvation! Although everyone who is Christian will acknowledge that Christ died for our sins and for our salvation - but what does this mean and how does it affect us spiritually? This is well also explained in detail throughout the New Revelation.

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Sacrificing a promising musical career to obey an inner voice which told him to "take his pen and write."

He wrote: "Thus spoke the Lord to and within me for everyone, and that is true, faithful and certain: Whoever wants to talk with Me, let him come to Me and I will lay the answer in his heart...."

Jakob Lorber is also called "The Unknown Prophet" by some. He has brought the world prophesy through the New Revelation for all of mankind for end times during the times of revelation. It is the most complete revelation the world has ever known and makes for an excellent Bible Study companion.

In this body of work known as the "New Revelation" you will find every topic imaginable; from the deepest spiritual sciences to the most profound explanations on the life, purpose and function of the soul and spirit and life in the beyond.

The New Revelation does not ignore the physical world, offering very fine explanations of the structure of minerals, plants, animals, life on other planets and stars, the structure of our Earth, Moon and solar system. The physical, astral and spiritual human form, how it works and interrelates as well as the New Medicine of the Future - Heliotherapy. Several of the works dealing with these topics have been recently translated into English.

The New Revelation presents Christianity in its purest form, as it was intended by the Lord Jesus Christ. The laws of life and conduct are expanded upon that they may be actively and practically applied in our lives.

The entire New Revelation is composed mainly of the body of work by Jakob Lorber and two other smaller bodies of work by Gottfried Mayherhofer and Leopold Engel. Lorber's first complete work was The Household of God, which is an account of the Old Testament up to the times of Noah with details of the genealogical desendence of Adam to be followed by the The Great Gospel of John and several other works.

The Following Jakob Lorber titles are available:

The Great Gospel of John - The Advent of Christ - The Childhood of Jesus - The Earth & Moon - The Lord's Book of Life and Health - The Healing Power of Sunlight - The Lord's Sermons Saturn
And many others in the process of translation

To The New Revelation Writings

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