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The Practice of Magical Evocation By Franz Bardon

The Practice of Magical Evocation

Volume II of The Holy Mysteries
by Franz Bardon
Cost: $44.95
540 Pages hardbound
The Complete Second Tarot Card
Perhaps the only complete explanation and practical application of the entire second Tarot Card for our modern times.

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The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon
After having mastered the First Tarot Card the Contents of the Second Tarot Card can be pursued..

The following is that content.
  • The magical Aids, the circle, Triangle, Censer, Mirror, Lamp, Wand, Sword, Crown, Garments, Pentacle, Seals, Formulae, etc.
  • The Domain of the Spirit Beings
  • Details of the Beyond
  • The Beings of the Four Elements
  • The Original Intelligences of the Zone Girdling the Earth
  • The 360 Heads of the Zone Girdling the Earth
  • The Intelligences of the Moon Sphere
  • The 72 Intelligences of the Mercury Sphere
  • The Intelligences of the Venus Sphere
  • The Genii of the Sun Sphere
  • The Intelligences of the Mars Sphere
  • The Genii of the Jupiter Sphere
  • The Spheres of Uranus and Pluto
  • Talismanology
  • And many, many more details!
The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon's Hermetic series and the complete second tarot card. It contains very explicit and detailed information about angels, demons, magic, sorcery and necromancy, pacts, some very fine details about life in the beyond, the entities that inhabit that realm and how they might affect us or, how we might avail ourselves of them, the proper protective magic garments - which are identical to the priests garments described in the Old Testament, etc. This subject is by necessity approached from the positive point of view.

The Practice of Magical Evocation has been newly re-translated from the original German version. It contains detailed information about all the correct aspects of evocation. Veiled for centuries, readers can gather information on all aspects of evocation, as well as a step-by-step description as to how a mature individual properly versed in Hermetics i.e. (the Mysteries) might evoke positive beings. These beings include angelic spirits from the beyond and from the specific analogous planetary spheres. This work includes how a sorcerer or necromancer invokes beings. This is given to show the shortcomings and dangers of their modus operand I.

We have all watched in motion pictures the Hollywood version of magical evocation. It is amazing how they use all of the symbolism (and sometimes even the correct symbolism) and in so doing have ascribed the wrong meaning to most of these symbols and a real but exaggerated sense of evil to evocation in general. This may be due to the fact that all they mainly deal with are the dark and sinister side of things. Of course the positive side exists and is the most essential part of life and existence that is usually overlooked even though all has come into existence out of it.

In the Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon, the reader will learn the correct significance of the magic circle, the magic triangle, the magic censer, the magic mirror, the magic lamp, the pentagram, the magic wand, the magic robe, and other magical aids. Pacts and their consequence between sorcerers and demons are also clearly explained. The preparation and loading of amulets and talismans and the true significance of the Book of Formulas are explained in their entirety.

Furthermore, Bardon provides over 600 seals of positive spiritual beings, angel spirits, intelligences, genii, principals and the spirit beings of the elements. These beings have been teachers to mankind since time immemorial. They also control and inspire the various inventions that have come into being at their appropriate times in history. They may also teach the mature magician a range of subject matter from A to Z, i.e. arithmetic, alchemy, astrophysics, astrology, astronomy, the arts, biology, languages, herbalism, the healing arts, zoology, and so on. In other words every subject of earthly science and universal laws. They also help and inspire every profession and every trade, whether or not they are magicians. Each also has its counterpart.

Since Hermetic magic and the Kabbalah are the highest sciences in the universe, it is required that the reader attain the proper theoretical education and practical training before contacting spiritual beings. Therefore, understanding the theoretical and successfully practicing the contents of Initiation into Hermetics is a must before embarking on the practice of magical evocation. There can be no short cuts in spiritual development.