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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions About Our Books)

This page is dedicated to questions we sometimes get about our books. We will post pertinent questions as we get them.

Q: Is this a religious web site?

A: We do not intend to create a religious web site. There are only two actual religions. One is positive the other is negative. There are variations on each of these. The positive ones are similar to one another and the negative ones are similar to each other. It is our belief that the positive religions are variations of Christianity (sometimes very distant). Some predate the modern Christian epoch. The present Christian religions are positive in their premise but not always positive in their practice. Our information reinforces the most positive aspects of spiritual belief. Using this information everyone is free to act as they choose baring in mind that universal laws govern everything. In the end we and we alone are responsible for ourselves and our conduct before the Creator.

Q: Can our books be considered "Occult"?

A: Any books that deal with matters of the Spirit and God are occult by definition this also includes any religion. "Occult" is a Latin word that simply means "hidden." Please satisfy yourself and do look it up. All Spiritual beings, including God, and their activities are hidden to most people living in the physical world. Therefore they are hidden, making them occult to most. All Religions in discussing and surmising these matters are dealing with "occult matters." The Bible itself is a wonderful work of predominantly good but it also discusses evil as an unseen force and as manifested acts.

A distinction needs to be made that there are positive (good) and negative (evil) beings in the spiritual and physical realms. Therefore the association of occult with evil should only be made when dealing with these evil beings and their associated deeds.

Almost everyone prays or supplicates to a Supreme Being. This is by definition an "occult activity" that is done out of humility and usually towards a good and positive end. Living on this Earth it is clear that there are those who would intentionally do the opposite.

Q: Are your books Christian?

A: Absolutely! In our view Christianity is the universal belief system. However, there is a distinction to be made between what may be taught in institutions called Christian and actual Christianity. Simple observation and History has proven that there is a difference.

Q: Why is it that subjects dealing with Hermetics, Kabbalah, and Evocation are considered occult and anti-Christian?

A: Propaganda mostly! These subjects have everything to do with Christianity. They are the Mysteries that have been obliterated from our spiritual heritage. They are merely eluded to in the Bible but no one in any of the religious orders of the West openly acknowledges them but, there is more and more evidence that they are practiced among the elite of these orders. All of these disciplines espouse the strengthening of the willpower that would enable humans to perform miracles as Christ very strongly suggested we could. The distinction of one discipline to another is simply one of maturity, acquired skill or, to put it simply, hard spiritual work!

Q:  Are your books religious?

A: Yes and no. Our books do not ascribe to any religion. They definitely are Christian, however this is not to be confused with secular religion. Christian teachings and Christian practices are often worlds apart. This is not to disparage religion. But, it is becoming more and more a fact.

Q: What is occult?

A: The word occult is Latin. It literally means "hidden." The root however is "cult." You will find this word throughout our English vocabulary. agriculture, (study or worship of farming),  horticulture (study or worship of plants), silviculture (study or worship of trees), culture, etc. Cult simply means to worship. The negative connotations earned by the word occult are largely misguided and was used to describe "worship in secret" as did the early Christians. The negative connotations have to do with the negative applications of universal principles. This does not tinge universal principles in general. Example: a knife used to cut bread is positive, the same knife used to do harm is negative, the knife itself is neither good nor evil.

Q: What is the New Revelation?

A: Every hundred years or so there is always someone who through Divine inspiration acutely reminds, corrects and instructs us on matters of the spirit. These people never belong to any religious order and are usually persecuted by these orders. Their work endures while their persecutors are long forgotten.

The work of Jakob Lorber in the New Revelation, Paracelsus, Franz Bardon, Robert Fludd, Roger Bacon, Lao Tse etc are such works. The New Revelation is in itself the fulfillment of the Book of Revelations in the Bible, not replacing, but correcting all of the information that was intentionally left out by the Creator or intentionally removed or edited out of the Holy Scriptures by the powers that be. The controlling aspect of the powers that be have been historically documented and occurred at the various synods convened at Nicea by the Early Christian Church in 325 A.D. and again in Constantinople in 381 A.D.

The New Revelation clearly does not change the intent of the Holy Scriptures as they remain but, it gives back to humanity its long lost spiritual heritage.

Q: If these Prophets are actually prophets why do they not have a following in the form of a religious order?

A: It is not the purpose or intent of a true Prophet to create a new religion. Their purpose is to guide humanity back to the proper path that leads to the Creator. This does not need a new religion. Christianity as a belief structure is already sufficient. Creating new misleading religions is left to the false prophets.

For example: Two people could both believe in Christ, while one belongs to a religion and the other does not. This makes religion and belief in Christ mutually exclusive, since it is not necessary to belong to a religion to believe in Christ. The religion is therefore unnecessary! Being Christian is therefore not synonymous with belonging to a religion. Although if someone prefers to belong to a religion this is perfectly fine also.

Q: If I'm looking for Christian Mysticism then why not just stick to the Bible and forget reading anything else. After all the Bible is the foundation of Christianity which is where Christian Mysticism comes out of?

A: This may seem like a tall statement but consider for a moment in who’s hands the traditional Bible has been for thousands of years. Knowing the history of these institutions a reasonable thinker would be quite justified in questioning what may have been added or what may have been deleted to serve their collective interests of those times and to preserve their status quo. There is so much spiritual information available from all over the world yet in the West only broken fragments remain of what appears to have been a rich European Christian metaphysical tradition. This deliberate “editing” might have been more difficult to have been done in today's world.

At present people are seeking for the truth and are no longer satisfied with being told by their church representative "well, it's a mystery" when asking about spiritual matters. As a consequence church credibility and attendance is diminishing and may eventually totally collapse.

And, if we can assume that there is a Supreme Being, would that Being not try to periodically inspire that the errors and omissions of the worldly authorities be corrected.

Q: Could this be just another one of those trends or crazes?

A: Everything in life needs to be personally examined to assess its value. The longer a thought lasts the more truth it contains. Most crazes, religious or otherwise pass because they are empty.

Christianity has lasted for over 2000 years because of the inherent Truth it contains. The institutions of Christianity by not last - but Christianity itself will never end.

The truth never changes and never will change. That is the power that keeps it alive. Water was just as wet 6 thousand years ago as it is now. As long as your dealing with water it says the same.

Q: What is the Christian Mysticism?

A: For a more in depth explanation click here!

Q: What is the connection between Amalux Herbal Products and Amalux Books?

A: We sell herbal products and metaphysical books. These two sections on our site are an outgrowth of our evolving studies in both Spirituality and Herbalism. These two topics have always been inter-related throughout history. Today the strictly "scientific" approach to Herbalism is not leading into new fields of study because what was already known is just being re-proven. The new very "micro" view in the scientific approach of looking at herbs is like evaluating an entire forest from examining the molecular structure of the bark of one of the trees in that forest. Few useful conclusions can be extrapolated from this. And, likewise, the modern organized spiritual institutions have become so shallow in their attempts to be more secular that they are developing doubts in their own viability.

In the past science and spirituality were one and the same. They were separated out of necessity because of their mutual decline through worldliness and politics.

The old sciences and Spirituality are on the verge of being re-established as scientists look to metaphysics and the religious look to science. (incredibly NASA has come to look at our site) Amalux books is dedicated to providing the most qualitative metaphysical books that explain physical, astral and spiritual existence. Amalux herbal seeks to provide simple herbal remedies without aggressive marketing - because a sound mind can only exist in a sound body.

More questions to be posted - as they come.